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This is our original service, and floor sanding remains immensely popular because it’s central to our wood floor renovation process. The difference is immediately obvious between an untreated floor and one which has been stripped of its upper layers of dirt by our state-of-the-art, dust-retaining machines. Sanding gets the floor ready to take an eco-friendly finish, to complete its transformation from embarrassing secret to splendid talking point!​


What a floor which has been sequestered away beneath an underlay and thick pile carpet for many years will look like is anybody’s guess. The only certainty is that it will be in need of some expert attention if you want the natural wood flooring you dream of. The Sanded Floors floor restoration team will assess the damage and then prescribe the correct treatment for restoring it to life, whatever the size of the floor and however decrepit it seems to be.​


Repairs are needed to most wooden floors in order to get them into a fit and stable state for sanding. Under the carpets, floorboards inevitably begin to crack, warp and generally deteriorate, so they’ll need expert attention and treatment as the first step in their road to a full restoration. This usually means replacing missing and damaged sections of timber and tiles, and we always use sustainable sources wherever possible for this. It also means filling the gaps to seal the floor against draughts and stop annoying creaks.​


Staining has always been a popular finish to getting the desired colour of natural wood flooring which has already been sanded. Our wood floor sanding and finishing team uses coloured stains topped by a transparent coat of varnish to achieve this effect, rather than using a coloured varnish alone. This allows them to maintain precise control over the final colour, as a coloured varnish will darken with successive coats and the end colour is unpredictable. ​


Our wood floor staining teams use a range of non-allergenic, eco-friendly finishes to give a wooden floor its final look and feel. You can choose from many different lacquers, waxes, stains, varnishes and other finishing products to achieve the desired effect, with guidance and advice from us. We may for example recommend a varnish seal for a spillage area such as a kitchen, or a wax and polish for a living area to fully bring out the golden warmth at the heart of the wood.


With parquet flooring coming back into high fashion now, call in the Sanded Floors parquet sanding team to spruce yours up if you’re lucky enough to have some. It’s usually hidden and forgotten under carpets and other floor coverings and will need to be expertly and delicately treated to bring it back to life.


Restoring a fragile patch of parquet flooring, commonly in hallways, requires experience, skill and a flair for the material. We’re used to getting the old bitumen-based adhesives out and replacing them with more modern glues to hold the tiles in place. We also use sustainable resources to replace missing and damaged tiles.


Because of advances in bonding methods, parquet flooring is especially tricky to repair. Missing and damaged tiles need to be replaced by identical pieces using sustainable sources, and stripping out the original bitumen-based bonding agents can be messy and laborious work. Leave it to the Sanded Floors parquet repair teams to give you the perfect result with minimal fuss and mess.


A newly restored area of wooden flooring will eventually start to wear out in places. Instead of leaving it to its own devices you really need to get it buffed and polished every few years to keep it looking good. We’re always here for advice on all aspects of wood floor maintenance such as this, so give us a call and the wood floor sanding and finishing teams will be happy to help in any way.


Gaps between floorboards must be filled in to achieve a sealed and solid surface for sanding and finishing. This makes the floor look beautifully smooth but there are also a few practical reasons for gap filling. In ground floor rooms it will eliminate draughts, and nobody wants a floor to creak as they walk across it. Our wood floor repair teams use advanced silicon and resin fillers to plug the holes and provide a permanent seal, so the finished flooring will look really professional.


Your newly sanded and finished floor will last for years if you look after it properly. That means not only treating it with respect but also getting it buffed and polished every two or three years. Contact us to find out more.


Impress your clients and visitors with a smooth expanse of shiny new natural wood flooring in your office space. The Sanded Floors commercial floor sanding teams can minimise disruption by working around normal office hours.


The Sanded Floors school floor sanding experts have the equipment and experience to make short work of miles of wooden flooring in schools. They’ll also minimise inconvenience by working during holidays.


We use the most appropriate eco-friendly seals and finishes from a range of products which are the latest, non-allergenic materials on the market. When the finish is right for the wood and matches the customer’s aesthetic expectations, we know we’ve done a grand job and everyone is happy. Contact us today for further information about this and all other Sanded Floors wood floor restoration matters.

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